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Collaborating with a leading marketing agency is very crucial because your TV commercial is not only a communication channel to your audience; it is also the face of our organisation. People will rate and judge you based on your commercials.When pitching your product or service to customers, try to take a clear and creative approach. It will have a big impact on their minds and help you generate new leads for your organisation.TV commercials help us to segment our product or service well in the market. In this competitive market, catering to the right set of customers is a difficult task. A good ad or TV commercial will ease your job by reaching the intended audience.

When the lights go down, creativity starts

Script Stage:

This is a place where the client and the marketing team collaborate on a single wavelength. The client gives their necessary ideas and inputs to the team, and they gather valuable insights from the clients to write a dashing script for the TV commercial. When the script is finalized, it goes to the next stage.


As the script is finalised for the TV commercial, at this stage, valid work is being taken to shoot the actual commercial. The artist, location, camera, and other accessories, the overall light setup, the green mat to add some 3D visual effects, and any set properties to get a realistic visual.
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This is the stage where the real shooting happens and the prelude shots are being implemented on this very stage. The director supervises the entire production, assisted by art directors, cinematographers, and assistant directors, to smoothly capture the TV commercial. Enough footage is captured to work on different angles and styles.

Final Stage

This is the last step before the actual delivery of the TV commercial, where the editing and other final touches happen on the table. This is the important step where the commercial is upgraded to match the client’s expectations. The final draught is handed to the clients as per their requested format.

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Most frequent questions and answers
Television is one of the mass media which caters to a large population in the country. People of diverse backgrounds and various segments watch television regularly. By shooting a TV commercial for our product or service, you can easily connect to the masses and engage with them regularly. Radio and print may be cheap when compared to a TV commercial, but they do not have a large and wide audience base.
That is where the role of a marketing agency comes into play because you can’t make a generalistic TV commercial and expect to target a specific set of audiences. To cater to the right audience, you need to work from the script level and make it in the right format. The marketing agency works on various strategies to segment your TV commercials to the correct audience to increase your brand awareness.