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83% of customers use Instagram to find new products or services. Furthermore, 81% of Instagram users conduct product and brand research, 80% use the platform to make final purchasing decisions, and 90% follow at least one business.

With 79% of brands engaging in Influencer Marketing, Instagram is the preferred social media channel.

Instagram offers a range of inbuilt marketing features and sophisticated analytics, making it easier than ever to promote your brand.

Facebook Ads: The secret to success for your business

As the world’s largest social network, Facebook offers a powerful and versatile advertising platform that is widely used by digital marketers.

With over two billion active users, Facebook provides businesses with a large and engaged audience, making it an effective platform for promoting products and services. 93% of digital marketers use Facebook advertising to reach and engage with consumers.

Having a successful campaign with Facebook ads can result in the best ROI across any form of advertising today, and it is a favorite among businesses in India.

Boost your reach with youtube advertising

In four years, internet video traffic will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

Video marketing increases customer engagement while also driving purchase behavior.

Break the rules, get ahead of the crowd, and invest in a YouTube advertising strategy for your channel – you’ll be glad you did when your business generates more leads and sales than ever before!

Increase your leads by 200% with Linkedin Ads

Connect with the right audience and spread your message to a larger number of people through B2B advertising. 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute their content.

If you’re using so many different marketing channels, why not direct more advertising traffic to LinkedIn? Get more leads and new customers through our specialized B2B ads.

We offer a variety of features and tools to make it easier than ever to reach your audience. Start using our B2B marketing services today!

Let your brand be heard all over Twitter

93% of Twitter users who follow small- to medium-sized businesses intend to buy from them, and 69% have already done so as a result of something they saw on the platform.

With a compelling Twitter marketing strategy, you can get your company in front of new users and watch your engagement skyrocket.

Expand your local and international audience through WhatsApp

The platform’s popularity in India and beyond is undeniable, with over 2.44 billion users accessing WhatsApp chat every day to take advantage of its extensive feature set.

Secure your spot in the thriving Indian market with Whatsapp chat, and watch the leads pour in.

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Most frequent questions and answers
They are advertisements posted on social platforms like Youtube and Facebook and other similar platforms to promote your business service to enable increased reach and return. It will positively impact your target audience and help to grow your business digitally.
Social media platforms are a crucial place where you can build a strong organic presence for your brand and convert leads by targeting the right audience. While your marketing strategy needs a platform to reap its fruitful benefits, social media ads can be the right engagement with the audience to create a new client base.
A Social Media Ad Campaign involves various stages of setting up an account to define the target audience and designing high-quality relevant ads to attract attention, pitching them to the followers, and starting to convert leads. This is a holistic process, and you don't want to hire a successful marketing firm to do your job.
There are no specific parameters to rate your social media ad, but you can determine it with some qualities like highly relevant and quality images and videos, and also the design of the ad with a clear and engaging value proposition. This will suffice to accompany your copy and establish your defined goals with the targeted audience.